Infrared Aerial on the Harnessing Aerial Podcast

Author: Ryan Bliss
Date of Publication: August 17, 2020

Listen to “Aerial Thermography, UAS Software Tools, Risk Assessments, 107.29 Daylight Waivers, Infrared Drone Inspections & LinkedIn Marketing Tips With Ryan Bliss of Infrared Aerial” from Harnessing Aerial – Drone Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

“Ryan Bliss, Founder of Infrared Aerial joins host, Leo Adams to discuss considerations for how to get into aerial thermography as well as various use cases for thermal drone inspections such as solar, commercial roofing, and other infrastructure. They dive into how to leverage LinkedIn to market and sell your UAS services, how to get a part 107.29 daylight waiver, and the best software tools for flight planning, mapping, airspace and flight logs, and Ryan shares his top 3 lessons learned from his experience as both a manned and unmanned pilot.” —Skye Link


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